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It’s happened to all of us-just when we’re starting to get ahead financially, the car battery dies. Or our child needs emergency medical treatment. Or one of a thousand other things happens. The point is that sometimes, we need some quick cash and our payday isn’t for another week.

In the past, we would have had to go scrambling to our friends and family with a hand out, but that can be humiliating and sometimes allows scrutiny into our financial life that we otherwise wouldn’t want. But today’s lenders have made it easier to get that much needed cash with a payday advance. Let’s look at the reasons why a payday advance loan makes sense and how it can protect your privacy.

Your Personal Business Will Be Kept Private

It’s bad enough having to ask relatives and friends for money, but it becomes worse when they want to know what brought you to that position, or ask what you need the money for. For instance, if you need a loan because you made a mistake in your budgeting, it’s embarrassing to have to admit that. But with a payday advance, your personal business will never be asked about. Simply apply for the loan-you won’t have to give them a reason for needing it.

The Loan Won’t Be Made Public

Maybe your friends and family aren’t an option, so you decide to go to your local bank for a loan. What you may not realize is that the minute you do that, your need for money becomes public. Any traditional lender will check your credit report before deciding whether or not to grant you the loan, and once that’s done, everyone who looks at it will know that you’re in need of money-including employers. But when you apply for a payday advance, no one has to know except for you and the lender. This is accomplished because small payday lenders don’t check your credit report. In other words, no one has to know that you’re short of cash.

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